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Public relations clearly isn’t just media relations anymore. It has become a new world that requires new strategies and tactics dictated by the new connected consumer.

This new world is filled with abbreviations like SEO, SEA, SMM, PPC,.. Being able to write a stellar press release doesn’t cut it anymore.

Can you keep up?

To do so, it’s necessary to keep learning new ways of working and new tools to support that.

There’s a wealth of areas in PR that you can hack by using handy tools that internet startups all over the world use.

I made a visual presentation with an overview of many hacks that you can start implementing straight away.

Hack 6 PR areas

PR workflow - project management

Use software development methodologies to keep your team on track and reduce waste and errors.


PR workflow - email

Communication professionals spend the majority of their time in their mailbox. Learn how to keep an overview of what’s important with tried and tested email methodologies like Inbox 0. Also declutter your inbox with practical tools like Boomerang.


PR workflow - follow up

Speed matters. Get faster at follow up by using notification tools. Get better at it by seeing that your contacts are interested in – real time. And automate repetitive follow up tasks.


PR workflow - pitching

Get better at sharing your stories with influencers. Learn how to easily share multimedia stories.


PR workflow - tracking results

Get better at understanding what works. Track your emails and set up goals in Google analytics to measure outcomes. Create a performance dashboard to keep an overview.

PR workflow - bringing it together

All these tools and processes can become unwieldy. Keep an overview with a centralised command center tool like Slack.


The full presentation

Interested in a live presentation about improving your PR workflow?

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This post originally appeared on the Prezly blog.

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