Change is the new normal in the constantly evolving world of PR.

PR teams need to be adaptable for the increasingly fast changing communication team requirements.

For example, 30% of US millennial internet users use Snapchat regularly. A large part of your audience communicates via this medium.

And what about LinkedIn posts? Twitter paid amplification? Long form blog posts, to name just a few?

Is your team ready for it? Is your workflow?

In the below presentation we’ll look at how you can nurture a culture of change in your team, and how you can improve your PR team workflow to be able to create more value for clients in less time. I want you to do better work, have happier clients and have more time left to sell to other clients.

Update: I made a thorough 35-page guide based on the presentation:

How to modernize your PR workflow

Presentation: improve PR team workflow


The presentation is divided in 5 steps:

  • Map your PR team workflow
  • Choose workflow experiments
  • Assign project teams
  • Invest in automation and technology
  • Foster a learning culture

These steps should get your started to evaluate and improve the workflow of your PR team.

You’ll focus more on work that makes a difference and will to make better work for your clients.

I’m curious about your experience.
How do you improve your workflow?

Let me know via Twitter or via the contact form.

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