I'm an experienced designer passionate about creating fair services

My work focusses on helping social organisations to increase their positive impact.

By using design for good.

I'm a freelance design strategist for social impact organisations. I leverage my startup experience to help them innovate at startup speed.

Infographic: the golden circle of Frederik Vincx

I thrive in the exploratory phase of projects. Diving deep into research, extracting insights, and turning them into tangible products and services.

I'm skilled at directing multidisciplinary teams and collaboratively prototyping solutions, testing them with users, ultimately transforming them into viable, live services.

I founded Soulcenter, a software startup aimed at enhancing the well-being of residents in care homes. Beginning with initial research and culminating in a fully functioning service, helping care homes all over Flanders. Prior to this, I co-founded Prezly, a software startup dedicated to facilitating communication teams.

In 2017, I took a break from fast-paced startup life. I went pro bono as service designer for social organisations for a year. Together we designed, tested and launched new products and services. This experience showed me the true impact of my work in essential domains.

I hold a Master in Communication & Multimedia design. My carreer started with a decade-long stint at prominent communication agencies, where I learned the ropes conceiving and designing multimedia experiences at high pace.

I'm available for freelance projects.

Frederik Vincx

Frederik Vincx


What characterises my design approach?


Empathise. Make sure to understand the intended users so we can design effective services.


Build things people want. Learn fast by testing early and testing often.


Clients and their clients are the experts. They need to be included in the design process.


Make sure it can get built. Make sure it can get paid for. That there's a business model.


Small teams move fastest. I love shaping the first version myself.


Everything is connected. Zoom out first. Understand the ecosystem to find impactfull leverage points.

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