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Validate an offering for cultural houses

  • Business model validation
  • Content strategy
  • Value proposition design
  • Visual facilitation


  • Co-created a strategic content plan to boost customer co-creation.
  • Developed a structured approach for rapid business model validation.
  • Identified viable business models using insights from past experiments.

CultuurConnect is an organization that spearheads digital innovation in art and culture. They support Flemish municipalities with the digital challenges of their public libraries, culture and community centers.

CultuurConnect struggled to validate a business model for a new service under investigation

The project was stuck in an extensive research phase and had been passed on between multiple innovation managers. The team needed assistance to shift from gut-feeling assumptions to validated business model insights.

I built on the pre-existing research and learned from past experiments

Then I transformed these insights into actionable recommendations and next steps, using a structured and facilitative approach.

This provided CultuurConnect with a comprehensive understanding of their accumulated knowledge, guiding them forward.

Sample of the insight cards, summarizing previous experiments

One of the primary challenges was a lack of sufficient buy-in from potential customers for co-innovation and co-creation

To tackle this, we devised a content strategy that leveraged and shared the team’s ongoing research, capturing the interest of potential customers, and facilitating co-creation on potential products and services.

Workshop material for decision making session

We created an overview of all the learnings

The team had previously conducted eight experiments on streaming cultural content from ‘Podium Houses’ directly to consumers’ homes. I structured these past experiments into learning cards, providing a succinct overview of the insights gathered and potential next steps.

We reviewed and refined value propositions and a business model

Using the structured insights from past experiments, we evaluated and refined the team’s initial business model canvas. This process led to clear value propositions for potential customers and the identification of two potential business models closely aligned with CultuurConnect’s strengths. These models were significantly validated through insights from the past experiments.

Subsequently, we defined lightweight experiments to further verify the business viability, and created a roadmap outlining the potential progression of the project if it proved viable.

This comprehensive, succinct overview of past experiments and their key learnings fostered a shared understanding within the team

The clear roadmap illuminated the path forward, enhancing team confidence and focus on future project stages.