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I travel around the world to inspire communication teams to get things done.

My main areas of interest:

  • Productivity
  • Innovation
  • Workflow modernisation

I present for large groups at conferences or in classrooms and lead practical workshops with a limited amount of people.

Fred was a big hit at Scotland’s first PR festival, #PRFest. He really demonstrated how practitioners can improve workflow to make less mistakes and to improve efficiency in their jobs.

Visually stunning. Warm-hearted PR stories. That’s what to expect when inviting Frederik. Thoroughly enjoyable. A sure-shot. I hope Frederik will keep on inspiring our students in many years to come.

Geert Van den Eijnden
Geert Van den Eijnden
Coordinator Public Relations & Spokesmanship, College University – Thomas More – Belgium

Frederik was a guest lecturer in my PR-class at Purdue University. The students loved his presentation. He offered insights in smart communication and user-friendly technology.

Trui Moerkerke
Trui Moerkerke, instructor Brian Lamb School of Communication, Purdue University.

PR workflow innovation is a hot topic: many practitioners are trying to improve how their team works. The main exponent of this is PRstack: a crowd-sourced catalog of over 250 tools, and a community that created 50 practical guides to use these tools. Together with Stephen Waddington I built the PRstack website and published 2 PRstack books. A third instalment is on the way.

PRstack Francis Ingham quote

The PRstack story and community keeps inspiring PR practitioners to reassess how they work.

Popular presentations

The decks that I publish to SlideShare are consistently awarded presentation of the day. They amassed over half a million views so far.

Latest presentation:

I’m available to show your audience how they can hack their PR workflow.

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