How I fasttracked digital product and service innovation

Community kickstart

Hartverwarmers: inspiring activity directors

With Hartverwarmers, I spearheaded the creation of a leading Dutch-language inspiration site for care home activity directors.

We launched the first version within days of the first covid lockdown.

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Design for inclusion

PIN: helping newcomers feel at home

PIN supports municipalities around Brussels to include newcomers. As their team rapidly expanded, I was brought on board to develop tools to manage their growth.

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Design for care

Soulcenter: elderly care software startup

At Soulcenter, we co-created the softest of software, to enhance well-being in care homes.

From 2018 till 2022, I was co-founder and creative director. I spearheaded product design and marketing-communication.

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Social design

Social sabbatical: supporting local non-profits

In 2017 I did a full year of pro bono service design at local non-profits. I guided teams with digital strategy, improving digital tooling, and co-creating new services.

Together we conceived and developed new tools and services, usually by using no-code or low-code tools.

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Lean startup

Prezly: productivity software startup

Prezly is software as a service for corporate communication teams.

My cofounders and I bootstrapped the company and grew revenue to 7 figures annual recurring revenue. Some of the clients: Audi, Axa bank, Danone, IKEA, Samsung,..

From 2009 to 2016, I was co-founder and creative director.

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Prezly team

Rapid validation

Hackathons & Service Jams: A playground for innovation

In the past decade I joined and organised 10+ hackathons. These events challenge participants to do rapid customer validation, by using business model design, design thinking and rapid prototyping.

Some of the projects: Coaching youngsters during 20-day hackathon Open Summer of Code. Co-organising a Service design jam. Co-organising Make a Mark Brussels.

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