How I help social enterprises to launch services at startup speed

Plans often crumble when they meet reality. That's where I come in, helping teams test their assumptions early and often.

Here's an overview of the wide range of design and startup methods I use to quickly build impactfull services.

Digital product and service strategy

Embrace a strategy of action and learning

Co-create a clear picture of your ecosystem and challenges so you can discover high leverage interventions.

Map your ecosystem

Clarify and prioritize your challenges. Visualise them to create a shared understanding.

Facilitate problem discovery

Guide your team to empathise with customers and their problems, so you can deliver user-centered services.

Blueprint and improve services

Analyse your services via stakeholder workshops so we can find improvements.

Validate business models

Co-create business models for your new initiatives and set up validation experiments.

Rapid prototyping and testing

Get your ideas off the ground in days, not months.

Help your team and stakeholders to quickly design interventions that you can test and improve.

Co-create solutions

Tap into the experience of your team to conceive impactful solutions.

Prototype products and services

Quickly build testable minimal versions of your solutions, so you can learn what resonates.

Test critical business questions

Set up a structured way to test and improve the proposed solutions. Learn quickly so you can improve.

Build own solutions

Create working software together, using simple off the shelf services. No coding required.

Design communication

Ignite inspiration among your stakeholders.

Get early buy-in and feedback by sharing the design process in creative multimedia content.

Share your story internally

Inspire the team via sketchnotes (visual sunmaries) or more refined visualisations of the process and outcomes.

Engage your fans on social

Reveal your innovation process, by sharing multimedia about the process on social media. I love capturing design journeys via video and illustration.

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