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Visualize strategy

4 creative ways to align teams

Strategic work can be collaborative and fun.
Visualization is one of my core tools. Literally bringing everyone on the same page.
It helps teams to engage more senses to think and align.
Enhancing 👄 and👂with 👁️ and ✋.

Visualize strategy to make strategic collaboration sessions more:

↳ Doing over talking. Participants can interact with shared objects.

↳ Language barriers decrease and more people feel invited to contribute.

↳ Theres a complete picture of the discussed concepts. Giving people shared understanding and a clear agenda.

↳ By seeing, feeling and moving objects around we add visual and kinaesthetic learning modes.

↳ The visual objects become shareable output. making it easier for participants to explain to others afterwards, or to publish for a larger group of people to understand.

Clearly, I’m sold.
Visual thinking and visual strategy are practices I’ve been building up over the past decade.

In the document here, there’s an overview of 4 visual strategy methods I use regularly in my work.

I added the books and card decks I devoured to pick up and practice the skills. Including the brand new Visual Frameworks by Dave Gray and the everygreen Sketchnote workbook by Mike Rohde and Back of the Napkin by Dan Roam.