MAKS is a local organization in Brussels that helps underprivileged people to get the most out of their talent. MAKS organizes many workshops and trainings to help both youngsters and adults to learn digital and IT skills, and thus increase their odds of employment.

One of the projects at MAKS is the video CV. During one week in the eastern holiday we guided a group of youngsters to present themselves to potential employers.


Making a video CV is a lot of work.

For us, it took several days of work both from the organizers and the attendees of the workshop. That isn’t very scaleable, and it’s daunting for many people to take several days to work on a unproven format.

Which format woud be more scaleable? Or accessible? And still make an impact that you can prove?

Later this year I’ll go back to MAKS to research how we can create more practical formats for adults to present themselves to potential employers.