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Communications professionals usually are good at telling stories and nurturing relationships. Technology often isn’t their strength unfortunately.

I’ve made it my cause to help them.

Key efforts to advance the public relations profession:

Corporate storytelling platform Prezly

Corporate storytelling platform Prezly

One of my main goals is to get people out of Excel hell. That’s why I started building PR software Prezly years ago. Today, it’s the leading PR software that helps brands share their stories with influencers. It’s used worldwide by brands and PR agencies.

Prezly helps them publish stories, relate to influencers, and pitch their stories.

More about Prezly

PESO model kit – Visual communication planning cards

PESO model kit visual planning

Communication plans are often lengthy documents. They’re complex, involving multiple communication channels and interactions going back and forth. It’s pretty hard to keep all information top of mind, let alone be creative.

That’s where the PESO model kit helps. It’s a visual brainstorm method for this kind of challenges. Perfect for individual and team brainstorms about new communication plans.

More about the PESO model kit

PRstack – Modernize the public relations workflow

PRstack directory of PR tools

PRstack is a community, 2 crowd-sourced books, and an online catalog of over 250 PR tools.

In May of 2015 PR moderniser Stephen Waddington had started building an crowd-sourced spreadsheet listing PR software. He also asked if anyone could build a website for this.

I jumped on the opportunity and a few weeks later was born. The PR community combined forces and soon there were over 250 PR tools listed, categorised and described.

Soon after the community started writing guides for these tools. Now, a few months later, Stephen and I published 2 crowd-sourced books that help modernise the PR workflow.

PR presentations

I travel around the world to inspire communication teams to get things done.

Main topics: productivity, innovation and workflow modernisation.

The decks that I publish to SlideShare consistently get promoted to the homepage and to SlideShare presentation of the day. The presentations amassed half a million views so far.


Presentation sketchnotes

I’ve made it a habit to make visual summaries of PR presentations. I draw them live and share on social media during the conference. These are consistently to the most popular tweets during the events.

Recently I’ve started presenting these visual summaries on stage at the end of the conferences as a quick visual recap.


This is one of my favourite topics and I love teaching people about it. Book me as a speaker, trainer and visual harvester.

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