Systemic sensemaking with generative Ai

Systemic Design + GPT = Superfast sense making 🚀🧠The first helps you ask the right questions about a system.And the latter brings the answers to your fingertips. This combination makes you a stronger strategic design partner, because you can come preloaded with a strong grasp of the clients’ ecosystems. You can fast track your own … Continued

Picking digital projects with impact

Execution isn’t everything. Neither is ideas.It’s both. Executing ideas with impact.Here’s a 4 step plan for picking project ideas that are bound to have a positive impact on your organisation.

Paper prototyping digital products

5 days to conceive and test an app. That’s all the time the youth counseling experts of GO! onderwijs van de Vlaamse Gemeenschap needed.Here’s the simple process we used to design an app in record speed, on the 4th day. In mere hours we:– Explored a wealth of ideas– Got team consensus– Were ready for a user … Continued

Storyboarding your user’s journey

Since a few months I’ve been using the storytelling format from Star Wars and The Matrix to explain digital products to my team and to external stakeholders.  Here’s a quick primer on how to draw your own visual user journeys. No drawing skills required.

8 sticky note walls to keep our team on track

While I coached two student teams to build working software last month, during the Open Summer of Code, visitors were surprised to see that we externalized our work so much. Why, as software builders, would you want to use so many sticky notes? Isn’t there an app for that? There are many apps you can … Continued